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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Here we go again

After a busy summer which included a holiday for good measure, things were on the up and up until that fateful day I decided to enjoy myself and found it compelling to push myself ... perhaps to far. The result of my over-enthusiasm was a stumble which resulted in some damage to my shoulder, which is still trying to heal but I feel the healing process is not really committed to performing its assigned task. However, shortly after his injury, I incurred another (mainly because subconsciously I probably felt that I had not injured myself enough and could do better if tried a little harder). This I achieved with a high degree of success by pushing myself down some stairs. The technique I employed was the "sudden absence of one leg required for walking down stairs"!

I joke about it now, but this is happening more frequently than I would like. In practice there is not much that can be done to prevent it from happening. Suddenly, or through a wanton act of gross complacency on my part, one finds that a normally reliable limb will refuse to perform its bio-mechanical function.

I have no solution to offer, except do not let complacency into your life, especially if you have MS. Complacency will injure you and can kill you.

Furthermore, as we (in the northern hemisphere) approach the winter months we will notice the seasonal changes in more marked ways than many other people. We have inadvertantly become living barometers, and will experience relapses and flare-ups of old damage.

To my fellow sufferers, please take care of yourself.