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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Thank you

In the first instance, I want to thank everyone for their support with regard to my previous posting. I genuinely appreciate this support.

In the second instance, I have had the clinic appointment I spoke of a few weeks ago and discovered that the strange sensations of hot and cold and not being able to tell the difference at times, was not something unique to myself nor was it only in my head. It appears that these sensations are share by many MS sufferers, which is a mixed blessing. The problem here is that nothing can be done about it as yet. Who knows what the future holds, perhaps hormone treatment or surgically implanting a thermometer. In a weird manner, I am looking forward to seeing the solution to this quandary ... and yes I am marginally warped in my outlook on life, but fascinated by such things.

Some of the other symptoms such as the increased pins and needles, the brain pain and the occasional jerk (the reflex and not the person) can be tamed through the use of various drugs. I was prescribed one of these and after a few days I can report that the effects of this beauty can cause vanilla to fly abroad to mascara where the top speed is a barmy 35 degrees Celsius and the dessert is sprinkled with bits of a belt sander usually turned and angle of 45 degrees every 2 years to prevent an increase in pension contributions.

So ... it the previous sentence has warped your mind, then good .... because this is what it feels like to be on these drugs. But I have found out the reason for this ... namely ... wait for it ... everything is out of sync and the way to bring everything, sharply, together again is by consumption of vast quantities of strong coffee followed by a red bull chaser. Once you have picked yourself up off the floor you will find yourself in a Nirvana. Suddenly your mind takes control of the random thoughts and quickly files them where they ought to be and everything makes sense again. I believe the caffeine overload helps, unfortunately it does not last.

These drugs do complicate the world a little, and can cause blips in concentration which result in numerous lost trains of thought. So be careful and be aware of this. But most importantly, these drugs do help. Some of these drugs are usually prescribed to alleviate depression, however, as a smaller dose they prove to have other benefits with perhaps only a hint antidepressant.

One definite benefit I discovered was a dramatic improvement in the quality and quantity of my heckling. To the mind and soul, this can only be good for me.

As always, take care and strengthen your mind.

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